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I am a pastor and a clinical psychotherapist. My life's passion is defining healthiness from a human perspective and paralleling it to the holiness of God, divine perspective. Shifting perspectives creates a paradigm that is alongside of rather than over and against. The parakalein of God and the paradoxes of humanity are redefined. Humanity is all about winning and yet we are losing ground everywhere. Divinity is all about letting go of the desire to win and the fear of loss. The Divine embraces the world with loving care regardless of anything.

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A New lyric an Old Tune: People Who Need People

Posted by Don Paine

The other day I was driving and listened to a delightful recording of Barbara Streisand singing "people who need people are the luckiest people in the world".

While enjoying the song and her singing it, I simultaneously began to change the word, that is right just one word and felt it a duller and deeper expression of a truth of life.  It is not that I do not get what she is singing or saying or what the song writer, I think Burt Bacharach had in mind but it was another perspective, a shift, an alternating idea.

What if we sang it,

"People people who like people are the luckiest people in the world"

I am doing some substitute teaching in elementary school and have noticed what I think some research is validating that when teachers genuinely like their students the students are more students and are less a management problem.  When they do not like the student (even due to behavior that is not likeable) the student feels the "unlikeability sensation" which exacerbates the behavior problem.

When we genuinely like people is it because we like ourselves in a heathy way with all our falterings, failings, and feral like behaviors.

People who Like people are just Happy People inside and it flows outside.

John reminds us in his epistle that, "We love Because He first loved us"

So "Be Happy"
Be Liked
Be Liking of otherstreisand


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