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I am a pastor and a clinical psychotherapist. My life's passion is defining healthiness from a human perspective and paralleling it to the holiness of God, divine perspective. Shifting perspectives creates a paradigm that is alongside of rather than over and against. The parakalein of God and the paradoxes of humanity are redefined. Humanity is all about winning and yet we are losing ground everywhere. Divinity is all about letting go of the desire to win and the fear of loss. The Divine embraces the world with loving care regardless of anything.

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Language of God

Posted by Don Paine

Just saw the video from UCC on God is still speaking! What is the language of God? Love! Justice, Peace and Hope!

Amazing challenge to the world to see God's amazing love in the people whom God has made. Be debtors and have no agenda except to love and accept people as they are. Maybe we should put a period where our prejudice, our narrow mindedness, and our self-serving agendas. Then we can put a comma after everyone whom God has made feels love, compassion, community, justice, hope, and peace....and on and on, to all people in all parts of the world!

Maybe this is the Christmas Message to all within and beyond Christendom: When there is peace in the hearts of all on earth there will be only "goodwill (of love, joy and peace) towards all on earth" -

Please take a minute to watch this video and find the Spirit inside and be the Spirit outside!